Privacy Policy owns and manages the website securely to offer greater security to the information submitted to us by the customers. The privacy policy states that how we secure the information of our customers visiting us to get coupons for different websites, what types of techniques we use and much more. We respect the privacy of our users. It is committed that the information is protected by us in all respects. No matter for what purpose you are visiting our website, it is claimed that your private information stays protected with us at any cost.

People use our website for different activities related to online shopping. We have a bunch of coupons and promotional offers to provide to our customers, based on different categories, such as free shipping, fashion, electronics, beauty, health and fitness, health and beauty, flowers and gifts, holiday and travel and the list goes on. You are visiting us for any of the categories; we hide your information submitted to us. This statement also states that how we use your information to retain and protect it for longer.

We store your information, like Internet Protocol address, email, name, website and much more and we commit to protect. The information submitted to us can be used for tracking logs as well as abusers, if needed.

We might change this privacy policy, depending on our needs and preferences at any time. If there is any change to this privacy statement, we assure you to notify via email (which is registered with us), or via the means of the notice on the website, before making it effective on the site. There is nothing to worry to check whether or not it is updated. Of course, you can check when the privacy policy was revised by taking a look at the date; it was ‘last updated.’ In this manner, our customers can see the latest version of the privacy policy along with new changes. Of course, in order to make you completely satisfied, the notifications are being sent to you.

Otherwise, it is requested to check the page from time to time so that we can come to know about whether or not you are happy with the changes we made.

It is also important to know that our website might contain some links or services of other websites. We are not held responsible for the practices, methods or privacy statements used by those third party websites. In any case, if you visit those third party websites and use their services, we are not responsible for those activities, if any mis-happening takes place. Those third party sites might use the information stored on your web browser to gather information as an outcome of ad serving on your website with the use of Google AdSense.

Types of information we gather

The personal and non-personal information will be collected by us, when our customers contact and interact with us for any purpose. Like, when you:

  • Connect or relate to any site through social networking sites
  • Open or respond to the emails sent by us
  • Access or utilize the site
  • Visit any web page that shows our content or ads
  • Subscribe, register or create an account with
  • Post comments to web communities and discussion boards
  • Give information to our vendors
  • Contact customer support
  • Buy services or products through or on our website

This privacy policy does not apply to the gathering of information in any way other than as mentioned above.

How we use your information?

The information given to us by our customers or even to our vendors can be used in different ways as mentioned in this privacy statement. See the below mentioned points, how we use your information, like to:

  • Maintain analytics and conduct customer research
  • Operate, manage and enhance the website, services and other programs related to our site
  • Solve your queries and respond to your requests
  • Enhance the experience of our customers with us
  • Give you technical notifications, reminders, security alerts, updates, support and administrative messages, requested information, marketing messages and service bulletins, which also includes in the place of business partners
  • Support and meet the orders placed on the site
  • Handle our everyday business needs, like fulfillment, forum management, site administration, fraud prevention, and terms of use
  • Meet your interests and needs by enhancing other information we store directly or via other resources

We do not disclose your information at any cost. If needed by law, we might share your personal and non-personal information with any affiliates, our vendors or relevant business partners.

The local shared objects, cookies, web beacons, tags, tools, programs and files are used by our website to make the records, store your preferences, collect non-personal information and enhance our advertising. You might check the cookies in your browser to set up the preferences.

Every customer must read the privacy policy, when they visit us.